10/100 PCI card build in (for system only)$0.01
10/1000 GIG PCI Card$19.00


USB 10/100 adaptor$29.00
PCMCIA wireless G 54 for laptop$25.99
8 ports Hub switch 10/100Mhz$19.99
16 ports Hub switch 10/100Mhz$39.99
24 port 10/100 switch hub$65.99


Deluxe Network cable tester with light$59.00
RG45 In Line Coupler$4.50
RG45 Wall plate$4.50
RG45 ends (1000pieces)$15.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 3"$2.50
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 7"$4.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 10"$6.50
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 15"$8.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 25"$11.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 50"$14.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 75"$17.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 100"$20.00
Network Cables enhanced 350MHZ 1000" (bulk)$99.00


Wireless router N150 with 4ports$29.99
4 port router wireless 300 n firewall$39.99
USB wireless N adaptor$29.00
PCI wireless N adaptor$29.00
PCMCIA wireless g adaptor$29.00




MSI (V/Et./S) 775 Socket dua/Quad duo g41 ddr3$69.99
MSI lga-1155 socket i3/i5/i7 Nvidea usb3.sata600$75.99
MSI/Foxcomm (V/A/Eth) 478 socket AGP$69.99
MSI G41chipset V/A/Et. Duo with PCI-E ddr ii$69.99


Intel dp67 1155 i3/i5/i7 super multimedia MB up to 8GB$109.00
MSI (V/E/Eth) LGA1155 i3/i5/i7 B75MA-E33$72.99


MSI (V/A/Eth) X2 FM2 Socket ddr3$73.99
MSI (V/Eth) AM2 Sempron and X2$64.99




Intel i7-4770 quad core 3.4 GHZ$335.99
Intel i3 3.0GHZ 1155 $139.99
Intel P4 e8400 dual duo 2 1333 3.0GHz $179.99
Intel 3.0GHz Dual core lga-1155$74.99
Intel i5-3330 lga-1155$194.99
Intel P4 Dual Core duo 2 2.93 GHZ e7500$139.00
Intel i3 3.0GHZ 1156 - Please Call


AMD Phenom triple core 2.6 AM2$145.00
AMD Sempron 3800 64bit M2$49.99
AMD Dual Core FM2 3.0GHZ $59.99
AMD 64bit Quadcore 2.4 X4 $115.00
64 bit AMD triple core X3 8400 Phenom AM2$94.99
64 bit AMD X2 6000 dual Core AM2$129.00
64 bit X2 dualcore AM3 2.9GHZ AMD$76.00



DDR 3 Pc8500 1333 MHZ

DDR 3 PC8500 4GB$49.99

DDR PC3200

DDR PC3200 512MB$29.99
DDR PC3200 1GB$39.99


DDR II PC6400 2GB$44.99
DDR II PC6400 512MB$9.99
DDR II PC6400 1GB$19.99

512 Meg DDR PC2700 used

512 Meg DDR PC2700 -$14.99

PC100 used

PC100 256MB$19.99

PC133 used

PC133 256MB$17.99

DDR PC2100

512meg DDR pc2100 (266mhz)$39.99

DDR II PC 5300

PC 5300 (667MHZ) 512 Meg$14.00
PC 5300 (667MHZ) 1 Gig$19.99
2 Gb PC5300 (667)$44.99

So-dimm (laptop)

1 GB so-dimm PC5300$19.99
2GB Pc5300 so-dimm$39.99

DDR II pc6400 (800mhz)

512MB PC6400 800mhz$6.99

DDR3 1333 pc1333 (mhz)

4 GB ddr3 1333 $49.99

DDR 3 pc1280 (1600mhz)

8 Gb pc3 1280 (1600MHZ)$79.99




80GB IDE Hard Drive$49.99
160GB IDE Hard Drive$89.99
250GB IDE Hard Drive$89.99
320GB IDE Hard Drive$99.99


2 TB USB External 3.5 Hard Drive (2yrs. warr.)$154.99
160GB SATA Hard Drive$79.99
250GB SATA Hard Drive$69.99
1.0 Terabype SATA Hard Drive (3yrs warr.)$89.99
500GB SATA Hard Drive (3yrs warr.)$74.99
2 TB super SATA HD$154.99


DVD Rom 16x$27.99
DVD+-RW dual Layer 22x Dual$32.99
DVD+-RW 20x Dual Lightscripe$38.99
CD+RW 52x52x24x$26.99
slim USB External 16x DVD+-RW samsung$49.99


1.44 MB Floppy Drive$10.99
USB Floppy Drive 1.44$29.00

HD Accessories

dual Hard Drive Fan$11.00

Ide/sata/scsi controllers

dma 133 ide 2 channel controller$35.00
PCI sata raid controller$39.00
adaptec 320 scsi controller$199.00

Other Parts



30 CDR 48x media$9.00
100 CDR 100x Media$29.00
25 DVD+R media 16 x$15.00
50 DVD+R Media 16 x$25.00
DVD+RW Single$1.99


10 1.44 HD Floppy Disks$3.99


Keyboard 105 black$9.99
Keyboard 105 beige$8.99
Internet Keyboard$15.00
USB Keyboard Black$9.99
Microsoft Keyboard and optical mouse$25.00
Wireless Keyboard/mouse by Gear$24.99


PS/2 mouse$2.99
Optical mouse$6.99
Wireless optical LASER 30X (best buy)$19.99


650w cooler mater Powe supply 2 6pin $69.99
520w Midtower CoolerMaster USB 2.0 Black$75.99
InWin Midtower 500w$73.99
Enlight Midtower 350w$67.00
520W power supply Silent Sata, 24pin $33.99
power supply tester 20/24 pin atx sata$15.00
Other cases for gaming, server etc.. - Please Call


6 USB 2.0 Cable F/M$5.00
15 USB 2.0 F/M Cable$8.00
6ft USB extension$5.00
6ft USB A/A$5.00
6 Fire wire 6p6p$5.00
6 Fire wire 6p4p$5.00
6 IEEE printer cable$5.00
24 IDE 133 DMA$6.00
24 IDE 133 DMA round$8.00
USB active 15ft extension cable 5 Times$19.00
USB/Fire wire connection - Please Call
Other cable, round, Serial, SCSI, SATA, others - Please Call


USB to serial 9pin$19.00
USB to Centronics parallel IEEE 1284$19.00
USB to IDE$15.99
IDE to SATA$15.99
PnP usb 2.0 Transfer cable$13.00
100w Vehicle pocket adaptor, laptop, camera, etc No need to special one$25.00
IDE 2.5/3.5 SATA to USB$28.99
SATA 2.5/3.5 usb Docking station$39.99

Flash Drive

8 GB MB Flash Drive$11.99
32GB Flash Drive$28.99
64GB Flash Drive$45.99
16 Gig USB 2.0 flash drive$17.99
32GB usb 2.0 Flash drive$24.99


Used 17" lCD monitors$42.99


Olympus 8.0 pixel, 2.5LCD, 3x,zoom, case etc: best buy$99.99
16 Gig HD SD card full/mini/micro$23.99
usb 15in1 card reader sd/fd/xd/others$9.99


8 pack of AA Alkaline Only$3.79
8 AAA alkaline Only$3.79
4 D super alkaline$5.79
2 9V super Alkaline$3.79
4 C super alkaline$4.69
CR-2032 Battery for Motherboard$2.89
Watch battery, 377, 376, 384, 392, etc each$2.79
other battery call 2025, 2016, 389, 386, 390, etc - Please Call




1gb Nvidea 210 PCI_Express ddr3 video card$49.99
512MB AGP video card$52.99
512MB AGP video card$59.99
PCI Express video build in up to 256MB (system only)$0.01
1GB PCI Express video 5450 Radion $48.99
512MB PCI Express video card$39.99
2 GB PCI-Express nvidea 610 ddr3 super video card$69.99
128MB PCI video card$49.99


SB Audigy PCI card$36.00
PCI Sound card$15.00
180w 2ps Speaker$9.00
3-way Subwoofer$29.00
5-way Subwoofer$49.00
Other audio/cables - Please Call


17" LCD (3yrs warranty) 700:1 contrast ratio 5ms$99.99
19" LCD (3yrs warranty) 800:1 contrast ratio 5ms$114.99
23" LCD 2000:1 contrast, 5ms,dvi, (Super Buy$159.99
27" LCD HDMI, HD, 1600:1 1366x768 svideo 3Yrs warranty by Syntax$339.99




Canon MG2520 All in One Printer/Copier/Scanner$47.99
canon mf3010 all in one P/S/F$129.00


Super konika/Minolta MF4690mf Printer/scanner/copier /fax Color SPECIAL)$579.00


Brother HL-2240D 15ppm Laser printer$149.00


Hp 500 sheet of paper$3.99
50sheets 4x6 photo printer$6.00
50 sheets 8,5x11 Photo paper$7.00




Deluxe 15.4 Laptop Cases$29.99
60GB Laptop Hard Drive$69.99
80GB IDE Laptop Hard Drive$44.99
500 GB Laptop Hard Drive SATA 2.5$74.99
IDE to laptop Hard Drive (2.5) convertor$10.00
External USB 2.5" Box$19.00
External USB 3.5" IDE/SATA Box$34.99
Universal AC adaptor 90w for most laptops$43.99
320 Gig SATA Hard drive for laptop$67.99
160gig Laptop Hard Drive IDE$69.99
250Gig SATA Laptop Hard drive 2.5$68.99
Ac Adaptor for dell PA-9$39.00
AC Adaptor Dell Pa-12 or Pa-10$39.00
Ac Adaptor IBM Thinkpad 72w$39.00
Ac Adaptor compac/HP 18.8v 3.5a$39.00
Ac Adaptor IBM 90w$39.00
Ac Adaptor toshiba 75w$39.00




Used Win xp home edition with COA$19.99
Used Win xp professional with COA$39.99
windows 7Home Premium 32bit full Ver.$119.00
windows 7 home premium 64bit Full Ver.$109.00
windows 7 professional Full Ver.$159.00
windows 8 home edition full$109.00
win 7 Ultimate Full Ver.$219.00
Office basic and professional, Windows server 2003 etc - Please Call


Norton 2013 antivirus/spayware (best buy)$29.99
Mcfee 3user (3PC's) 2012 security$44.99


Corel version 14 Suite with WP$29.00

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